The Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees who are members of King of Glory Lutheran Church. Working collaboratively with the Lead Pastor and leadership of the Church, the Foundation’s purpose is to receive gifts, to hold the principal of such gifts in perpetuity, and to give the value increase of these gifts to the Church or to fund special projects as identified by the donor.

Currently, through gifts and investment growth, the Foundation’s assets support the overall mission and benevolence goals of the Church. Through the direction of the Board of Trustees, Foundation funds are professionally managed by the Investments Committee who are members of the Church.

The King of Glory Lutheran Church Foundation (Foundation) was established as a 501-3c organization to provide a flexible, intentional, and more protected financial structure to manage gifts in support of the mission of King of Glory Lutheran Church (KOG), the ELCA, and the global church of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Although typically received through a family’s estate plan, gifts to the Foundation can be received at any time.  KOG  Lutheran Church or KOG Lutheran Foundation is able to receive gifts from donors and manage them over long periods of time.  Donations can be directed for a specific purpose (designated fund) or undirected, which helps to meet the challenges that the Foundation feels are most important for the current mission and of the church(undesignated funds). The Foundation usually invests donations in time-appropriate investments and distributes a portion of those monies from those funds each year according to the guidelines established by the Foundation and the donator.