Grant Opportunities

In addition to multi-purpose grants used to expand and support King of Glory’s ministries, there are also several funds and scholarships that are available for more targeted purposes.

Soli Deo Gloria Fund 
In Memory of Roger and Elise Peterson 

Elise PetersonAcknowledging that the divine purpose of worship is to glorify God, the Soli Deo Gloria Fund supports people, positions and programs that foster learning, contribute to the worship experience, and inspire praise and thanksgiving. The fund provides financial support for:

  • Scholarships for seminary students pursuing ordination and rostered ministry in the ELCA or with its affiliated communion partners;
  • Training for students engaged in the interdisciplinary study of sacred music, worship, and related arts, including, but not limited to, internship positions and/or projects that will provide these students with valuable work-related experience;
  • Programs/projects that will foster learning, leadership and engagement of church members, clergy, laity and within the community at large 

The fund is dedicated to the memories of Roger and Elise Peterson. Their shared commitments to education, music, worship, and service were evidenced throughout their lives and as members of King of Glory Lutheran Church. 

The Reverend Ralph J. Hoke Scholarship

Reverend Ralph HokeReverend Ralph Hoke spent his entire life committed to education, teaching, and spiritual development.  He received advanced degrees in Divinity, Sacred Theology, and Clinical Psychology.  His service as an ordained Lutheran Minister span 50 years.  He lived by Jesus’ simple yet powerful message of “Give a person a fish, and he eats for a day: teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

The purpose of this scholarship is designed to encourage and financially support individuals seeking advanced training and education.  In particular but not exclusively to seminary,  Christian education, and graduate theology degrees. Primary recipients should be members of the King of Glory Lutheran Church, or Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (Bloomfield Hills, MI).  This fund was endowed by King of Glory member, Scott Hoke, in honor of his father.

The Ken & Becky Heideman Youth Mission Trip Support Fund

Ken & Becky HeidemanKen & Becky Heideman were both long-time members of King of Glory Lutheran Church, and they were leaders that valued youth mission trips.   Becky loved to be present at the send-off of all youth groups to give them support, and whenever possible, she would be there to welcome them home again.  This fund is used to support scholarships for youth recipients of King of Glory Lutheran Church for mission trips, camp scholarships, Youth Gatherings, Briarwood activities. 

For all recipients interested in scholarships available through our King of Glory Lutheran Church Foundation, applications must be completed using the Foundation Grant Application Form, and all requests will be reviewed through the Grants Committee.